Buildings & Descriptions

Miss Pointy always has a way with words. No matter what she talks about, it sounds like something magical. She talks about architecture like it is a person, or something built from the inside out. We had to use straws to construct the skeletons of skyscrapers look like. She talks about other famous buildings like the arch in Paris or the dome in Italy. Miss Pointy’s descriptions bring me to “Somewhere Else.” She inspires me to use fancy words that express a way for people to envision what I am talking about. I like that she even included pictures of buildings in our own city of Chicago. She showed us pictures of the skyline of Navy Pier at night and other scenic places that allowed us to really picture the environment and I could even hear the roar of machinery. Her descriptions allowed me to dream about other things.


We were assigned to finish our structures for homework. We all do our homework because we want gold stickers! Luz has a bunch of stickers on her journal and I thought it might make her journal heavy but she said its okay! Luz’s papers always have stickers on them because even though she doesn’t write the best stuff, she always tries her best. I don’t even have a sticker yet 😦

Miss Pointy’s responses to my writing also confuse me. Like, kid v. nature, kid v. kid, words that don’t mean much, and know how to tell who’s the main character. I usually just stare at her words but the one that always stands out is “a writer writes.” I just always want to know what she was thinking when she wrote it and it makes me want to keep trying.

Well, I also know that Miss Pointy would be disappointed in me. She accidentally handed out the wrong journals to everyone, and I took a sticker off of Luz’s journal. I mean, she really doesn’t need the thousands of stickers that she has been given and one missing cannot be that bad right? But someone knows that I took it and I hope they don’t tell on me. All I want is one sticker to allow me to know that I am important too!



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