Autobiographia Literaria


Miss Pointy loves to give us poetry every few days. She never really makes us do anything with them and a lot of my classmates just throw them away. However, I really enjoy the poems. They kind of speak to me and I enjoy looking at their formats! They express emotions and thoughts in ways I do not think I’ve seen English could be organized. My favorite was Autobiographia Literaria by Frank O’Hara. I love that he is able to say his life story in such a short amount of words. The poem is so rhythmic, it almost reminds me of church. I want to find a way to go to my “Somewhere Else,” and escape to a magical place. I like to repeat the words of the poem to myself, almost like a spell so that maybe someday it will come true. I trust poets and Miss Pointy but not a lot of other people do.

One person who really does not enjoy poetry is Darrell. He says poetry is for punks, whom are people with money. Miss Pointy’s response was utterly perfect towards his remark:

“Then you should love poets because the know the value of a word the way a banker knows the value of a dollar. A poem is a small economy of words. Each word is worth its weight in gold.”

Peaches came in to take Darrell out of class for Special Ed and Miss Pointy lied. She said his mother refused pullout services. Miss Pointy lied so that she could keep Darrell in our class? I don’t know why anyone would do that…but I guess you never really know with Miss Pointy. She even got Darrell to laugh! Once the bell rang, I put a copy of Autobiographia Literaria on his chair. Then Miss Pointy called my name! I thought I was in trouble, maybe she saw me put the poem on his chair!! So to avoid that I told her I read his journal! Oh goodness I thought she would be so mad at me!! But she told me not to get caught! Wow, Miss Pointy is the best.

The best part of today was that Miss Pointy gave me a sticker! She said she “saw my talent” and my writing was extraordinary! I could not contain my excitement. A gold star- FOR ME!! This was the day I was waiting for the whole marking period!! I showed everyone at recess and they were so happy for me too!


Miss Pointy visits my house!

I was so mad when Freddie gave me and Rachel the stomach flu! It’s a good thing because apparently you’re still contagious for three more days! I looked at this website to find some ways to help with the stomach virus: Stomach Flu I was finally getting used to Miss Pointy and being in the regular education 5th grade classroom! All the stuff we do is so cool and I get mad when I have to miss anything! Me and Rachel were starting to get bored too. We had been watching cartoons for hours and we could barely eat anything either! Ugh, this day is the worst. My mom told me to read- the time moved more quickly with my book friends than with my real friends.

All of a sudden the doorbell rang and Miss Pointy was in my living room! I was still embarrassed after stealing Luz’s sticker and I thought she came to yell at me! It was so scary I almost tried to hide! But my mom called me over to greet her. Miss Pointy was only there to bring me my homework but she ended up staying for Marble cake that my mom offered. I wondered what they would talk about.

I hid behind the kitchen to try and eavesdrop about what they were saying. Mom asked Miss Pointy if she was having any luck with me this year. But I heard Miss Pointy say that she doesn’t read records. She doesn’t read them until the end so she can see if other people think she is right or wrong. She thinks that if a child is slow or wild, that it will show with time. Mom asked what she sees in me and Miss Pointy said “she is going to be a writer… when she starts to write she will be a writer.” She told mom to read to me a lot and leave a lot of paper and pencils for me to write around the house.

I didn’t really hear the rest of the conversation because I went in my room to do the assignment that she gave for us the day that I stole the sticker from Luz’s journal. I wrote a LOT about where I live. It was not just one or two sentences but a long paper that I put a lot of thought into. I didn’t want to take my pen off the paper; ideas just kept flowing from my brain and I wanted to show Miss Pointy that I can write the ideas I think about. I showed it to Rachel and she was so impressed. I guess Rachel can finally see that the dream I have about being a writer can come true!


clockI needed time to feel comfortable enough to share my talent with my teacher. Hopefully she understands!

Buildings & Descriptions

Miss Pointy always has a way with words. No matter what she talks about, it sounds like something magical. She talks about architecture like it is a person, or something built from the inside out. We had to use straws to construct the skeletons of skyscrapers look like. She talks about other famous buildings like the arch in Paris or the dome in Italy. Miss Pointy’s descriptions bring me to “Somewhere Else.” She inspires me to use fancy words that express a way for people to envision what I am talking about. I like that she even included pictures of buildings in our own city of Chicago. She showed us pictures of the skyline of Navy Pier at night and other scenic places that allowed us to really picture the environment and I could even hear the roar of machinery. Her descriptions allowed me to dream about other things.


We were assigned to finish our structures for homework. We all do our homework because we want gold stickers! Luz has a bunch of stickers on her journal and I thought it might make her journal heavy but she said its okay! Luz’s papers always have stickers on them because even though she doesn’t write the best stuff, she always tries her best. I don’t even have a sticker yet 😦

Miss Pointy’s responses to my writing also confuse me. Like, kid v. nature, kid v. kid, words that don’t mean much, and know how to tell who’s the main character. I usually just stare at her words but the one that always stands out is “a writer writes.” I just always want to know what she was thinking when she wrote it and it makes me want to keep trying.

Well, I also know that Miss Pointy would be disappointed in me. She accidentally handed out the wrong journals to everyone, and I took a sticker off of Luz’s journal. I mean, she really doesn’t need the thousands of stickers that she has been given and one missing cannot be that bad right? But someone knows that I took it and I hope they don’t tell on me. All I want is one sticker to allow me to know that I am important too!