Darrell’s Mom is scary

Miss Pointy was in the middle of talking about George Washington and we were going to write in our journals when all of a sudden Darrell’s mother comes barging in. We all jumped and could not believe she was just yelling at our teacher. Darrell’s mother thought Miss Pointy called Darrell a jackass in front of our whole class. Miss Pointy asked us to back her up and you bet we did! I couldn’t believe that Sakiah had the courage to talk to Darrell’s mother and say that Darrell is always calling Miss Pointy names and disrupting class. She had to be really embarrassed because Darrell had been telling her lies about his teacher. These types of interruptions really make it hard for everyone to learn. I wonder what will happen to Darrell after this?

Darrell’s mom should read this


Miss Pointy’s Crazy Stories

Miss Pointy tells some great stories. Although a lot of them seem silly, they usually have a point to them. A lot of them deal with different animals: foxes, crows, dogs, storks. Then Miss Point will ask us about what the lesson of the story is. Everyone in the class gives answers that Miss Pointy wants us to keep adding more detail to. Just like a good writer does, always adding more detail! She talks about Aesop and how he wrote about people by using animals. Animals were given qualities of people to teach morals. I love how Miss Pointy explains stories and lessons. I loved when she used the story of the lion trapped in a net who is chewed out to freedom by a little mouse. Paris gave a great answer: It doesn’t matter is someone is different, they can be your friend and help you when you need it most.

The best part of giving good answers to Miss Pointy is her Happy Box. Those stickers were the crown jewels of the class. I really want to impress her so that I can get a sticker. The sticker shows everyone that I had a great idea and that I am smart. One day I will say something that will blow her away.

The best part of this day was that after everyone handed in the journals, I peeked into Darrell’s journal and it was an angry message about Miss Pointy. I really do not know what his problem is. I hope that someday soon he can be happy in school. I am finding out that fifth grade really is not too bad after all.

Funny teacher stories

I don’t know how she does it

I have never met a teacher that puts up with Darrell as well as Miss Pointy does. Although some of the things she does to react to his crazy antics can be a little extreme, the fact that she keeps trying to put up with him shows him that she cares. Darrell always has to say sly comments to Miss Pointy while she is teaching but I wish he didn’t. Because then she takes the time out of class to deal with him instead of teaching us all of the interesting subjects she has planned for us! The other day, Darrell thought Miss Pointy called him a Barrel and Miss Pointy said “Please stop talking crazy.” He replied “You always calling me crazy,” and she said, “you’re always acting crazy!” I couldn’t believe that after that he kicked her desk. She then kicked his desk and she said “Did kicking a desk work for you? It’s not working for me.” And then she kicked it HARDER. We all learned that we shouldn’t out crazy a crazy!” crazy