Troubles Basket


I like how Miss Pointy cares about her class. She wants us to come into class without any troubles and to throw them into a basket so that we can start our day on a clean slate and we can work. I don’t know where she gets her crazy ideas, but I do like her a lot. She says that our troubles are invisible to the eye but they are heavy! I think she could break her back holding all of these troubles. She will ask if anyone wants their troubles back but nobody has ever done that. I wonder what other peoples’ troubles could be. Does anyone have the same issues that I do?troubles


First day of school

Mom tried to give me a pep talk before the first day of school which really wasn’t very encouraging. She told me that it was a shame that I read so much and have no work to show for it. So, I decided to show her and I left the house by myself! Ha, she can think about THAT!

I entered my new classroom and I was really nervous. I sat in the back, just like I always do. The back row isn’t for everyone, but it is definitely for me! I hope someone tall will sit in front of me and hide me.

As I looked around the class, I saw a few girls I remembered from Double Dutch and I even saw Darrell! NO WAY! But what was really strange was the fact that the teacher was not there in the beginning. Apparently she was from “somewhere else.” That sounded mysterious.

I wish I were from Somewhere else…a place that inspired you to write long sentences about the shapes of clouds and the smell of things growing.”

The best part of my first day was meeting Miss Pointy. She is just exquisite. Her hair was copper like a lucky penny but when the light hit it a certain way, it seemed almost green. She had dragonfly barrettes. She was pale but also had a colorful complexion, almost as if she was Puerto Rican? She had lipstick as purple as eggplant and a yellow dress that reminded me of tissue paper. She almost looked like a punk rocker. She is definitely like Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus. The first thing she did was place her flowers on the desk. They were absolutely beautiful and every move she made was fascinating. Nobody made a peep. When she told me her name was “Miss Pointy” I giggled inside my head. I couldn’t even think for too long because Darrell opened his mouth again by making fun of her name. She did handle his nonsense well.



She is unlike any teachers I have seen before. We went over “Yes” rules together. Like Yes looking, Yes listening, and Yes consideration. Then we talked about subjects we would be doing this year. I have never heard of Puzzling, Time Travel and World Exploring, Mad Science, and all the different forms of reading. Nobody knew what these meant.

What was even cooler is she gave each of us a journal. No teacher before has given me an outlet to write creatively about things I want to write about. A safe zone to express myself and ask questions, and I can even put a P with a slash so she has to skip over those sections. I think I may like Miss Pointy.

Miss Pointy shot from the hip and she used big words. She was a real person and she knew exactly how to handle Darrell. Other teachers just sent him to the principal when he talked back, but Miss Pointy didn’t seem threatened by him. Someone said the word boring and she threw her textbook on the desk. She even made us start writing on the first day of class! I got my journal and was at a loss for words. I was supposed to tell her all about me, but the only thing I could write is “I am a writer.” I hope that was enough for the first day of class. I do not know how to feel about Miss Pointy yet!