My Happy Place

reading-quoteSaturday mornings are my favorite. While mom works at the restaurant, I am able to go to the place that understands me the most. It is a place I can escape to and find comfort in. The librarians say hello and smile but they do not start a conversation; sometimes that is okay with me. They have an ordinary conversation with me. The library is a safe place. I can write my life story and be at peace or I can read the Ramona books by Beverly Clearly. When I read these books, it is like the whole world melts away. I am able to become entwined with the books. Even thought the story never changes, I like the consistency of the endings. There is a happy ending and it remains a happy ever after, unlike my life which can sometimes end in tricky situations. I wonder what it might be like to be in a story that never changes and to always know what will come next?

When I write my own book, I cannot wait to have my picture placed on the inside cover so that people can read my description and get to know a little bit more about who I am. Someday my book will talk and they can see the world through my eyes.

What worried me one time is that a girl almost found my pieces of writing in section 904 of the library! She came with her brothers and even though she usually goes to the arts and crafts section, she has been poking around my section about faraway places. What is different about us is that she is very organized and she even places a pencil in the spot where she takes out a book so that she can put it back in the same place.

She said she remembered me! People at the library usually do not come up to me and tell me things like this, so I got a little nervous. This girl was very nice though and she told me her name is Paris! I thought it might be like the city! But she laughed and said “no. the girl! I wanted to tell her my name is Sahara and ask her all about who she was but of course I got nervous again and did not say anything. Oh well, at least it was a start!


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