Free at last!

lreMom was really mad after I told her about how Darrell acts at school and she fought for me to be taken out of Special Ed Classes! Mom thought Darrell was a “teacher beater” and wanted me to be with my peers! Go Mom! I am so happy that someone is fighting for what I want because sometimes I get too nervous to tell people how I feel. My Mom knows that I am capable of doing 5th grade work and she made me tell Mr. Stinger that I like to write. Why was I SO nervous? I could have told him that I like to write by myself and that once I’m done I put it in section 940 in the Public Library where are the books about Somewhere Else are located? I should have told him that I will be a writer in the future and he can see my early work in the library. Maybe he should put THOSE pieces in my file?

What I really could not believe is they failed me from 5th grade and I have to do it all over again. I was proud of Mom for not being afraid of failure. She is a brave lady. I do owe part of my leaving special ed to Darrell Sikes. If it wasn’t for him being wild, nasty, and rude I would still be in the Program. I really do owe him. Maybe I can repay him one day!



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