Meeting with Mr. Stinger

parent-teacherThe meeting with Mom and Mr. Stinger was very nerve-wracking. I cannot believe he showed my mother my file. MY file. I was not even able to see the contents of the file that was supposed to show other people how well I was doing in school. I did not even get to choose what goes into that file. That only shows a history of my education, not my history in this school. All of the work in there made it look like I do not care about my writing! I love to write, and the school is trying to make me look dumb! It did not show how I go to the bookstore with Mom and she reads the books to me and then I go to the library and get a huge pile of books to read through? The file does not even talk about how my mom has been my best teacher! The file stole the letters I wrote to my Daddy! The letters in that file are very personal and I want them back. They are my only connection to Daddy, and my Mom thinks that by trying to write to him that I am going to let him walk out with my brain? Oh gosh, this is awful. She was so mad that they want me to be go into Special Ed because of the file of letters. I don’t really even know what Special Ed means yet but I guess it cannot be that bad if it has the word special in it?